6 Awesome Reasons That Will Make You Want To Be A SoloMudder

1) A relaxed and friendly group

OCR Solo Mudders was born from people who ran solo at races and started to meet the same people at each race and became friends. (This incidently is how I became friends with a lot of racers) The ethos still carries on in the group. You can choose to run with the Solos, or with another group or run solo. Just meet up, before or after the race for a quick catch-up, muddy hug (and sometimes a JaegarBomb). Unlike a lot of groups, SoloMudders is not an exclusive group and doesn’t discourage memberships of other groups and team.


2) No pressure

Sure, there is merchandise to wear and some trips/events to join. But buying and wearing the shirt isn’t a pre-requisite of being a SoloMudder. In fact Dan is pretty relaxed and whether you choose to buy any merchandise, or not. You’re still welcomed into the group


3) SPAM-free zone (well pretty much)

Unlike many other groups, advertising of any kind is strongly discouraged. There is only one thread on a Wednesday that allows ads for races, charity or merchandise. Of course, if there is something that is time sensitive (flash sale for example) the admin will usually allow it. Having a SPAM free zone, allows for the Solo Mudders to chat about the topics they want to, without being interrupted by scores of ads


4) Mixed group

The group is made up of a wide range of runners – Elites, Weekend Warriors, first timers and everyone else in between. It’s great as questions are asked and advice is given from so many different perspectives (just don’t ask what shoes to get for your next mud run!). The group also has a huge number of runners that are members of other groups and teams – Mudd Queens, Mudd Kings, Mudcro, Mudstacle. SoloMudders is not an exclusive group and welcomes everyone


5) The social aspect

Running with the group and interacting on FB is great, but to truly experience the Solo Mudder group, one should camp at one of the running weekends. There is usually a big group at all the Tough Mudder weekends and any of the larger events. Good food, a few drinks and home-made cakes make the Solo Mudders into one large group of friends


6) Red

The final reason why you would want to be a Solo Mudder – Everyone looks great in red!

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