Welcome to OCR SoloMudders.

We all know that the OCR community is full of friendly faces and great people that are always willing to help. All you have to do is shout and a hand will reach out, as everyone says, it really is like an extended family.

But there are still people out there that might not want to ask for that hand for various reasons. Maybe you are new to OCR and not sure where to start? Well OCR SoloMudders is here to help. “There is always a mudder by your side” with us.

If you are you currently running solo, maybe it’s your first time, and you fancy a running partner or a group to run with, then this is the place for you.

Maybe you’re not confident enough to do an OCR alone but would still like to get muddy? You may have additional needs, or your other team mates may have dropped out and you still want to hit the course. Then again, this is the place for you.

We have SoloMudders of all abilities that run all over the UK who will always help you get through a race or simply just run, jog or even crawl with you in a group, large or small.

Never be worried about anything here.

We won’t leave you on the course, watch you struggle or fail. What we will do is help you complete the course, help you to overcome your fears and share ways on how to tackle the obstacles. There is no pressure here. Not to mention the added bonus meeting lots of new friends across the UK.

Not to mention the added bonus of making loads of new friends across the UK.

If you just want to have a catch up before a race, or have a coffee after, but tackle the course alone, then that’s just fine too; we all enjoy a good chat.

If you have any questions at all or would like us to add an event that you are going to solo onto our events list, then feel free to get in touch

If you are in a team but happy for SoloMudders to join you, then please still join our group. Everyone is welcome here.

See you in the mud,

OCR SoloMudders Team x