Appy madness over OCR Buddy

Appy madness over OCR Buddy

There’s a new App in Muddy town and it’s looking good,

Has there been times where you have wrote your OCR’S down then lost the paper or wrote them in your dairy and mixed the dates up ?

well those days are over OCR buddy will bring the end to the muddy confusion and organise your OCR’S so your never double book again or miss the OCR you wanted to do.

It also has a part where you can add your buddies to a list,

search for races in the UK and overseas

set up and or add yourself to a team,

see your booked event in one handy place

see your buddies race list too and so much more are you a fan let us know your thoughts just comment below.

”  OCR Buddy is the first ever mobile calendar application for obstacle course racers, from newbies to elites ”

At Just £1.79 and on Android and Apple we believe it to be a must have

check OCR BUDDY out on FB where you can find out more information and links to download.

Happy  Appy Solomudders


A lot more of this.


No more of this!